Christian Siriano

Industrial Design | Prototyping | CMF |  Preliminary Engineering

Product Overview

The Christian Siriano team was looking to refresh their fragrance portfolio and decided to introduce a new fragrance, Ooh La Rouge, to be launched in 2019.

Design Objective

Design a flaker based on the silhouette of their original bottle design. Integrate a new custom cap and brand positioning for Ooh La Rouge. Siriano's team was looking to design a bottle with extravagant proportions and structure by integrating florals as a form of inspiration.


Christian Seriano

Project Year



Completed at Maesa Studio

Floral Inspiration

I pulled inspiration from garden rose petals and integrated dramatic red saturated color.

Layering Materials

I played with layering translucent plastics and creating uneven surfaces that scatter light and create variations in reflection and dramatic color.

Manufacturing Details

We used an injection-molded surlyn cap to combine clarity with deeply saturated color. The two caps are glued together at the base so the cap looks like one continuous part.

The Fragrance Foundation

The Ooh La Rough bottle was nominated for the fragrance foundation for consumer Choice - Women's Popular.

The Process

I focused on a style that embodied extravagant proportions and structure and integrated florals as a form of inspiration. I looked into the layering of materials seen throughout Christian Siriano's dress designs with these critical attributes. I used the styling process to explore various design options that focused heavily on the layering of translucent materials. As we narrowed down design directions, we transitioned into organic CAD modeling to work through the 3D forms and 3D printed multiple designs to evaluate proportions.

Layering Materials

We 3D printed multiple designs to evaluate form, proportions, and Manufacturability and analyzed the layering of the flower petals to get the most elegant shelf presence from every angle.

Deep Saturated Color

We evaluated test samples and made final design and engineering modifications with emphasis on the color, material, and finish selections that fit the ooh La Rough brand directive.