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Product Details

CorePump is a versatile home workout device that utilizes hydraulic resistance to build strength, mobility, cardio, and work capacity. The machine offers a whole body workout with over 66 workout positions and 6 resistance settings.

Design Objective

Create a new and revolutionary workout device, based of of our original design produced on CorePump version one. Give the unit a modern and sophisticated look and feel while integrating CorePump's key functional attributes into the design.



Project Year



Freelance Consulting work

Patented Button Lock

I developed a patented push-button rotating handle lock system through the ideation process that opens the door to 60 + various workout positions for a full-body workout.

Hydraulic Cylinder

Hydraulic resistance constantly changes depending on the output of the user - the faster you push or pull, the higher the resistance will be. The increased resistance allows you to work out twice as hard without the risk of muscle tearing or injury.

10 Level Adjustable seating

Adjustable seat position accommodates the 60 + variable workout positions that are available to the user.

The Process

I worked with CorePump to develop a brand directive that was used as a style guide for the brand and product. We started off with concept sketching and looking at multiple ways we could configure a hydraulic pump to maximize potential workouts in a single piece of machinery. I worked closely with CorePump throughout the ideation phase to dial in styling, ergonomics, and user interaction. I then moved into 3D to test out our concepts through production prototypes and leveraged 3D printing to help us effectively sort through some of the design and manufacturing details.

Ergonomic Handle Design

I designed, 3D printed and tested various handle designs to achieve the perfect fit for the CorePump handle design. The handle had to accommodate a range of hand sizes and also function with all 66 workout positions that are possible with CorePump.

Manufacturing Support

As we finalized the design, I put together a detailed technical drawing packaging for CorePump to use directly with their factory to complete production.