Kristin Ess

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Product Overview

After the success of Kristin Ess haircare, we approached Target in the fall of 2018 with the idea of expanding the brand into beauty tools. Once the deal was finalized we work fast and efficiently with Kristin Ess to launch an exclusive line of beauty tools at Target in the Fall of 2019.

Design Objective

Develop a line of beauty tools that expand on the Kristin Ess brand aesthetic. Break out of the box of the traditional beauty tools category and create a product line that looks fresh, modern, and stands out from all existing beauty tools sold at mass-market retailers.


Kristen Ess

Project Year



Designed At maesa Studio

Beauty Tools

These are the tools that were launched in 2019 at Target. Since this launch additional tools have been added to the category at Target.

Gold Detail

I mixed beautifully sculpted white forms with refined signature gold details that give the line a modern, unique, and proprietary look that stands out.

Digital Details

A digital screen is hidden behind the metal plate to give the product a clean and modern look.

The Process

The timeline for this project was concise, so we set up multiple meetings with Kristin Ess to define the brand attributes. Next, we quickly moved into sketching and looking at numerous design options, exploring form, and strategizing how to integrate brand details. Once we selected forms that we felt confident in, we leveraged organic 3D modeling to quickly iterate 3D CAD design concepts to nail down a final design direction. I then applied the design direction to the rest of the line to create a cohesive direction for the Kristin Ess beauty tools product line.

Form Development

We leverage our in-house 3D printers to iterate through design concepts and evaluate physical prototypes quickly. While evaluating the 3D prints, I made adjustments that addressed form, ergonomics, and weight balance.

Production Samples

As we moved into production, we worked through the final color, materials and finish selections. In addition, the design and engineering team made adjustments to ensure the highest quality parts as we moved into production.