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Product Overview

WeHew is a wifi-enabled scanning device that allows users to shop from home and effortlessly restock everyday items. Users are able to scan the barcode on any item and Wehew sends the data directly to an integrated app. The app generates a shopping list of scanned items so the user can easily order from select retailers.

Design Objective

WeHew was looking to create a product representing their vision for a seamless digital shopping experience using a handheld scanning device. The goal was to make the product a fun, playful, elegant and approachable design solution that could live in any household's kitchen environment.



Project Year



Freelance Consulting work

 App Integration

Scanned items are automatically stored in the Wehew app. Stored items can automatically be ordered via Amazon Fresh, Walmart, Target, or other online retailers.

Digital Bar Code Scanner

When an item is scanned, a 'W' symbol lights up on the item and a sound indicator alerts the user to a new item scanned and stored in the app shopping list.

Weeble Wobble Design

Wehew is designed to be fun, playful, and accessible. A weighted base allows the unit to be tossed on the counter and it will find it's center.

The Process

We took a deep dive into Wehew's brand language and how the product would be perceived. I pulled inspiration from fun, approachable everyday items found at home. I explored a range of concepts, looking at forms that would capture the brand directive and provide the ease of use needed for a great user experience.

Form Development

We transitioned from 2D to 3D CAD and looked at multiple forms. I Evaluated the best size and feel for the product across a range of user demographics.

Fits in the palm of your hand.

The final design is elegantly proportioned, fits in the palm of your hand and is easy to handle and manipulate for scanning items.